Saturday, August 23, 2008

A fun find

I rarely find anything really great when I go to flea markets and such, but I love to go looking anyway.  Yesterday, I had good luck.  I found a copy of Sewing Made Easy by Mary Lynch.  Not only is the writing and the language just hilarious (we're talking 1950 here), there is a ton of great information!  She covers everything from how to alter a pattern (the whens, whys and wheres) to how to sew the perfect drapes.  There is even an extensive section on choosing the right clothes and accessories for your body type.... I mean really "Never wear socks on the street in a city, unless you are in your teens."  Got that?  Ok.  
I've just about read this grand book from cover to cover and I can't think of anything that she's overlooked.  I really would like to start sewing more clothes for myself (If I can't buy great fitting pants, then I'll frickin' make some.) and I'm glad I now have Ms. Lynch at my side.  

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