Saturday, May 31, 2008

One Crafty Rider...

As I mentioned in an earlier post this week, I've been really busy with custom orders.  Well, this lovely seat bag was one of them.   This bag was custom made with the zipper on the outside, so quick work could be made of getting flat fixin's in and out during a triathlon.  The best part... this triathlete is a fellow crafty lady!  She's Debi from the grayeyedscorpio on Etsy. She was sweet enough to take some pictures for me of her new seat bag on her bike.  When she's not riding, she's sewing up some super cute accessories for her shop.  She has some of the most fabulous headbands!  And, if you check out her feedback, they get rave reviews for having the perfect fit.   You know, not so loose that they fall right of the back of your head, but not so tight that you end up with a splitting headache after 15 minutes.  Of course, that's not all she has (there are some great totes, uber cute fabric covered pendants, aprons...) but, I've got my eye on this little number:


Thursday, May 29, 2008

When great minds come together

As promised, I am posting photos of the collaboration between me, one great customer, and Snappy Bibs (she's the embroidery queen!).   I started making these jewelry rolls at the request of a customer for her wedding and they were an instant hit.  This is the 2nd large bridal party order I've done on etsy.  I really think it's the embroidery that makes them as special as they are!  There are 3 pockets.  One that is really long and has a ribbon for hanging necklaces, one that is very shallow for teeny things like earrings, and one that's medium for chunky bracelets and such.  My customer chose all of the outer fabrics, the satin lining, and the monogram color.  She did a fine job I might add!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where the magic happens...

I've been spending a crazy amount of time at my sewing machine lately so I thought I'd share with you all where it all happens.  I share my little workspace with the little one and the bikes (which is why I won't be showing the rest of the room, lol).  The little desk was a great find from Target and the cabinets were some diy jobs from Home Depot that I got on the super cheap.  I have a little bit of artwork to keep me inspired.  If I dared to show the rest of the space you could see a great collage by Cyndi at DivaSchmiva .  Right now, though, the thing that has me pinned to that chair is the to-do list taped to the pegboard.  
I've been lucky enough to take in enough custom orders to keep my fingers going non-stop this week.  The list reads: 5 jewelry rolls, 2 seat bags, 3 zippered pouches, 1 tote bag, 1 other bike bag... (and a partridge in a pair tree).  I'm making my way through.  I can't wait to get all the jewelry rolls finished!  They are so pretty and embroidered by the fabulous Jacqueline of SnappyBibs.  As soon as those puppies are finished, I'll post 'em up here.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Girls' Ride

Around here, Friday mornings belong to the ladies.  My riding partner (and sometimes partners, we're not exclusive) and I  meet up on Fridays for the girls' ride.... a casual, friendly kinda ride through town and then into the country. It's really a beautiful route (the photo is one of my favorite spots) with lots of tree lined country roads and open fields.  
It's a good time and a great way for us to keep our girlish figures and it was the inspiration for the seat bags in my shop! That's my teeny cycling buddy, btw, who just can't wait to join the ride!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Least Favorite Game

So, today was a day for lots of..... wait for it..... waiting.  
I'm waiting for fabric from the mailman for a custom order. Waiting for emails about other custom orders.  Waiting for my husband to come home late tonight.  Waiting for chat time with my AREtsy gals.  You get the idea.  
Reminds me of one of my favorite Mr. Rogers song Waiting

Maybe I'm thinking about this the wrong way?  What did I do while I was waiting?  Well, I watched the little one ride her bike A LOT, read a bit of Bel Canto, got some laundry done, cut out some fabric, read a few stories, did some dishes... Wait.  Today was pretty darn productive!  That Mr. Rogers.. so smart.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welcome... umm... So this is it!

So, yeah, welcome to my new little place on the web!  This is all new business to me so excuse the sparseness while I get this all figured out.  
I'm Sally of DogwoodLane on etsy.  I make wallets and pouches and bike bags... all manner of cute sewn accessories for my shop and all sorts of other random stuff when I get the urge.  I suppose this is my new place to talk about my shop stuff as well as other crafty goodness I get into, and well, who knows what else. :)