Thursday, May 29, 2008

When great minds come together

As promised, I am posting photos of the collaboration between me, one great customer, and Snappy Bibs (she's the embroidery queen!).   I started making these jewelry rolls at the request of a customer for her wedding and they were an instant hit.  This is the 2nd large bridal party order I've done on etsy.  I really think it's the embroidery that makes them as special as they are!  There are 3 pockets.  One that is really long and has a ribbon for hanging necklaces, one that is very shallow for teeny things like earrings, and one that's medium for chunky bracelets and such.  My customer chose all of the outer fabrics, the satin lining, and the monogram color.  She did a fine job I might add!


idyll hands said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! Did I mention they were Beautiful! I'll remember you when I get married :)

Denise Felton said...

Girlfriend, these are spectacular!!! Wow. Smart, lucky brides.

SnappyBibs said...

Beautiful!! I always love working with you and the fabrics are just wonderful!