Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sewing at last... and it is good

After months and months of not even touching my sewing machine, I sat down to do some creating. The cute one has been asking for a swimsuit cover-up ever since she started swim lessons last week and some of the girls showed up with their boutique-y embroidered ones. I am sooo not the type of mom to go spend a fortune on a cutesy monogrammed number. I will however do my darndest to make something way better.

The fabric was leftover from a bathrobe I made her a couple of years ago. There's elastic around the top and I sewed it all crazy.... my clever way of making up for the fact that this fabric is a bugger to work with and I have a hard time sewing it in a straight line. We'll just keep that between us. We'll also keep secret that this started out as a skirt for me, but I screwed up the measurements making it a teeny bit too snug to pull off without taking my swimsuit bottoms with it. (Yikes!) The bottom hem is rolled up so that the fuzzy side shows there, too- much like the top, just narrower.
Man, I love it when a plan comes together!