Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Jason!!!!!

Happy Birthday to the best husband, Daddy, and friend 
these two girls could ever
 ask for!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Made a Cycling Cap

Cute, huh?
With the smokin' hot weather here, I decided it was time to make a nice breezy cycling cap for myself.  I used this great tutorial from Curiously Crafty with just a couple of modifications.  The instructions were really easy to follow, but of course, I had to go changing things.  I only made it single layer for coolness instead of lined, so I had to make sure my seams were at least a little bit finished.  (I really could use a serger.)  I made the back panels from some nylon mesh that I salvaged from an old shoe bag I found at the back of our closet.  And, I added elastic to the back so it would fit my head better for riding.  It would have been OK without the elastic if I were just going to wear it casually, but for riding I wanted it a bit more snug.  The bill was cut on the bias just for fun really and the bottom side of the bill is black to keep glare down.

Monday, June 23, 2008

How I Fixed My Waistband

I bought a really cute pair of shorts yesterday that fit everywhere but the waist.  Don't ya hate that?  Good thing I can sew!  I salvaged a piece of elastic from an old pair of adjustable pants that belonged to my daughter and added it to the inside of my waistband for a quick fix.  The salvaged elastic was perfect because it has button holes sewn right in!  
Here's what I did:
*I just used my seam ripper to make a couple of slits in the facing of my waistband. 
*Added a button beside one of the slits.
*Fed the elastic through using a safety pin.
*Hand-stitched the elastic down to the facing on the end without the button  (so you can't see  the stitching on the outside of the shorts.
*And that's it!  I can pull the elastic to make it more snug (or
 not) as I need.

Really, I probably could have made it a bit wider so that you'd be less likely to notice the bit of gather in the back, but with my shirt down it's not terribly noticeable.  Or, it would have been cool to have done this all the way around like my kid's pants are, but there were buttons and seams in the way.  
Anyway, hope you all can use this tip!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


No, not my favorite political news show on MSNBC... a countdown to Vacation!!!  Next Sunday, the 29th, we're heading out for 4 days or so.  We're taking the wee one on her first trip to the beach and I cannot wait.  We're keeping it a secret from her till we get there (we'll just call it another of our adventures) or we'll be hearing "Are we at the beach yet?" every five seconds for the entire trip down.  I know I was that way when I went with my folks, so I can expect nothing less from my little bit.  
I'll have to see if I can embroider in the car without getting ill, lol.  Otherwise, though, it's gonna be a craft-free week and I'm kinda glad.  It'll be nice to step away from it all and come back refreshed and full of new ideas.  I'm debating with myself about what to do with the shop... whether to leave it open or make everything inactive.  I think the store will be left open, and I'll have an announcement in the shop, in my avatar, and in the message to the buyer that all purchases will ship out when I get back later in the week.  We'll see.  
Oh, it's gonna be a loooong week! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crafty Stuff and Good Mail

I'm happy with my mailman this week :)  My Chacos came in and they are super cute and comfy. It's still gonna be hard to give up my old sandals, but these sure are nice!  A pair of sunglasses that I had sent off to be replaced came in. And, I got in a big bunch of cute zippers from KungFuCowgirl.  I got one of her assortment packs and a set of 6 inch zips.  The colors are so fun!  I love buying supplies online (especially from etsy sellers) cause I can get so many things that I just don't really have access to here in Jonesboro.  
I also had to pick up some embroidery floss and a bit of fabric at Hancock's today.. it was 1/2 off!  In other crafty news, I sent off my application to Sublime Stitching to become a licensee, so keep your fingers crossed.  Oh, and did I mention that I'm having a Yart Sale?  Well, I am!  In case you're wondering what a yart sale is, it's kind of a yard sale with an artistic slant.  Someone on Etsy started the idea in hopes that it will become an annual event during the week leading up to summer.  Anyway, I've marked down several of my wallets and zippered pouches and even a wristlet.  You should really check it out!  You can also search etsy for "yart" and tons of great sale items will pop-up.  

Saturday, June 14, 2008


So a couple of posts back I said that I was going to try my hand at a little embroidery, well, I did and I LOVE it!  I am totally hooked on this.  What a relaxing crafty thing to do while the little one runs crazy in the back yard. I pulled out my Sublime Stitching book and just dove right in there with this super cute bird:

And, yup, that there is my first hand-embroidered wallet!!!
Since I used a copyrighted pattern for the embroidery, I can't sell it in my shop so it's mine all mine all mine!  I'm either gonna have to learn to draw, or see if I can apply to sell my items using the Sublime Stitching patterns. I think I saw you can apply somewhere on the website. Notice the super cute tag inside that was done by Jacqueline of Snappy Bibs.  She did a wonderful job, don't ya think?  The inside fabric is the cutest vintage cotton (from a sheet I think).  Anyway, I'm glad I laid down that challenge to myself for all of you to read! Now, what to embroider next?  (I have some ideas, but I don't want to spoil what could be a great surprise for someone!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A brand spanking new item on DogwoodLane,  the Girls' Ride Top Tube Tote!!!  It's a mouth full, but hey, it gets the point across.  These little bags are a super convenient place to keep your cell phone and keys handy while you're riding.  I just have this one listed right now, but you can bet that there will be more!  

Friday, June 6, 2008

Cheers to Summer

The first official day of summer may not have happened yet, but it's definitely here.  The sticky humidity and blazing heat are here.  I'll take it, though, because along with it comes staying up late to chase fireflies in the front yard and waiting for the ice cream truck, frequent popsicle breaks, lotsa reading, trips to the fountain park, wading pools, and sprinklers.  It also means a little less crafting, but that's OK, too.  I may have to take a page from Anne's book and start doing a bit of needle work.... something I can do while sittin' in a patio chair.  I ordered the book Sublime Stitching a while back all fired up about doing some embroidery and bringing in that element to my other projects, but my excitement sorta fizzled.  Wouldn't it be awesome to have a hand embroidered wallet, though?  I think it would!  So.  Now I've said it out loud... you all heard me (those of you who are sweet enough to peek in on me now and then)!  Before summer's end, there will be at least one good (that's key, right?) embroidered project.  
Now then, it's time to get back to my book.  :)  Oh, and I wanna know all about your summer crafting.  What's your favorite thing to craft in the summertime?...ya know in case the stitching doesn't go as well as planned...

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Sad Goodbye

It's a sad goodbye to my favorite summer accessory... my orange Birks.  I've had them since my sophomore year at Hendrix, so something like 10 years.   They've been resoled twice, once from wear and the other because I left them in a super hot car and the soles shrank right off the footbed.  (That was sad and really funny at the 
 time!)  I've worn the inside down to nothing, the cork is crumbling, and they need re-soling again.  Of course, they'll still stay in the closet.  (Well, maybe.  They really really stink now, too.)  
It's a sad thing to put them aside, but I have, at last, found a suitable replacement!  These beautiful orange leather flips from Chaco
Soon the mailman will deliver these and my trusty sidekicks will be laid to rest.