Saturday, December 27, 2008

Spirit Jumpers

Laurie, or Punkinhead to those of us on Etsy, posted a great site over on her blog that I would also like to share with you all.  The site is called Spirit Jump and it connects people who have been diagnosed with cancer with people who would like to lift (jump) their spirits by sending them a little something special in the mail.  As she explains on her site, it could be anything from something you make that would make life a little easier to something as simple as a card with some encouraging words.  
So, now you can go learn more about it, sign up to be a Spirit Jumper, or sign someone up who could use a jump. In honor of my Dad who battled his way through colon cancer, I signed up to be a spirit jumper. I remember how much better he seemed on the days when a friend would drop by his hospital room or a card would show up in the mail.... those little things make such a big difference.

p.s. Laurie made me some awesome vintage fabric coasters.  They rock.. thanks!  


Punkinhead said...

thanks for blogging about this! I have intended to put it on my crafty blog, but hadn't yet... maybe I'll do that right now! :)

I'm glad you signed up - It's such a cool thing to do.

Punkinhead said...

oh, and I'm glad you like the coasters!