Friday, July 18, 2008

Just popping in...

Where the heck did this week go?!  I can't believe today is Friday!  I've been pretty buried in my sewing room I guess.  I took in lots of custom orders this week so I've been busy working on getting those together, and will still be working on them next week.  I treated myself to a pair of really nice dress maker's shears, and I had no idea what I was missing.... I just thought I had good scissors.  What else?  Jason's shirt came in from Rat Trap Press and he loves it!  Those folks are so nice; they sent me a shirt, too (one of their crank set designs)!  How cool was that?  I also ordered some vintage buttons that I hope will be in soon.  
Oh, how I love buttons!

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Punkinhead said...

Buttons truly are playthings of the gods, aren't they? I have lucked into two fabulous vintage collections in the last couple of months and spent less on both together than some people buy a jar full for at auctions. Yay! (when I am ready to part with some, I'll let you know!)