Friday, July 11, 2008

Crafty Bike Stuff on Etsy

As of now, there's no cycling specific category on etsy.  However, I've been told by admin that they'll look into adding a section for cycling in the subcategory of sports (in the toys category)... yeah we'll still be buried, but it's a something, right?  Anyway, until then, I thought I'd highlight some of the many fabulous cycling related items on etsy.  For starters....

"The Badger" by rattrappress
This is one for the hardcore cycling fans.  Rattrappress is making one in orange for my husband who NEEDED this the moment he saw it.  Check out their shop for other cycling inspired designs.

Need to add a little cute to your cruiser?  CityStreamers makes the most fun streamers for your bike ever!  They just slip right over your grips... easy.  Who says streamers are just for kids' bikes?

How cool is this?!  Laura from Tangerine Treehouse makes these custom head badges that are just amazing!  If you can make a line drawing of it, she can turn it into a beautiful head badge.  And, if you're like me and can't draw, for a very small fee she can turn your idea into a drawing!

While putting this post together I spoke with (ok, well convo'd) all of these sellers and they are all really great folks.  I hope you will go check them all out and show your support for us cyclists on etsy.  I hope to make this a pretty regular feature here, so stay tuned... or go ride!


Anonymous said...

Here's a link to an interesting shop

this is a site that uses recycled bike parts for items.....

moonmystic said...

I love biking stuff!