Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I love Arkansas

This weekend, a few friends and I took part in the first annual Tour duh Sunkenlands.... a tour through the flat-lands and small museums of Northeast Arkansas. It was a beautiful fall day, although the wind was brutal which is par for a warm November day, the traffic was low, and the company was fantastic. The highlight of the ride was the rest stop at The Painted House Museum (of John Grisham fame). The picture above is the barn where they house the movie memorabilia, and the actual house is next door. The folks there were super happy to have us (as all the stops were). They welcomed us with homemade lemonade and brownies and were just as welcoming as they could be.... but, ya gotta love Arkansas.


Gray Eyed Scorpio said...

Oh that looks like fun!

It's only November, but I'm already searching for tour ideas. My wish is to do three+ days out on a rail trail with my son in June or July...

dogwood said...

Yep, we "bickers" sure had fun!

I can't wait till my daughter gets old enough to do stuff like that!