Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's been a great week

I have been in swap heaven this week. I traded lots of fabric and some old inventory for all manner of etsy goodness. I got soap, simple silver earrings, a glass wine stopper, some cute felted acorns, and big ol' batch of note cards. I really should have taken a picture of everything together, but I didn't I'm too lazy to round everything up now. However, I did take pictures from my AREtsy swap gift. I swapped with SimplyStacyJewelry and got these beautiful goodies (Sorry the photos aren't great... I have a whole new appreciation for those who take jewelry photos.):

If all that swappy fun wasn't enough to make for a great week, it was a fabulous week for biking and walking advocacy here. On Tuesday, it was announced that our city would be receiving a $1.7 million grant (largest in the city's history) that will be used to complete the first phase of our greenway!!! This first phase will connect a large park/community center, an intermediate school, elementary school, our one mall, Arkansas State University, a medical center, and historic downtown. It will basically be a linear park for walking and bicycling.
On Thursday, about 50 folks gathered for to take part in a walkability survey of our city where we went out to intersections all over town and evaluated them. It was a very illuminating experience for lots of folks to see just how little pedestrians and cyclists have been considered in past development. The data that was collected is going to be used in a larger presentation to the city which can then be used as a guide for future development.

Oh yeah, I also turned 30... but that was the week before.

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Happy belated Birthday!

Trading is always so much fun :D