Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some DIY Goodness

This scary looking tool is my new favorite thing. It's a tufting needle and it is a must have if you have any button tufted furniture. I happen to have a lot....
We are in major home remodel/fix-up mode around here.  That orange sofa has had a button hanging by a thread for, oh, the past year or so and I finally decided to take care of it. I really did not want to have to pay an upholsterer to make a house call, so I turned to the google.... and found the tufting needle. 
It is super duper easy to use! You just thread your twine through the round hole in one of those little metal pieces, attach that thing to the needle (there's a square hole for that), push it into your furniture, twist, and pull it back out.  The metal piece stays in as an anchor, and you can then thread on your button and pull it tight.  Super easy! I couldn't find one of these locally, so I had to order it online. The tool cost about $21 plus shipping. Since the buttons on the sofas seem to be irresistible to little kids, I'm sure that this will be worth every penny.


Ekio Locatiare said...

Oh I remember that thing! My mom wanted to reupholster a chair or two her grandmother had given here that really needed it so we had all the tools. That one and the curved needle were the two most wicked looking ones.

Love your furniture!

Sunny said...

Wow, pretty intimidating craft you've taken on! :)