Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trades, Lovely Trades

I love a good trade, and lately I have had some really really good ones. Several weeks ago, I traded Laurie (aka punkinhead) a wristlet from my shop for a set of these beautiful vintage fabric coasters.  They are so stinkin' pretty!

Just yesterday I made another awesome trade with Kiley of Kiley's Handmade Books. She is getting that cute elephant wallet and I am getting this gorgeous handmade, square, recycled leather journal. 

Over Christmas, my dad gave Taylor a very special silver dollar that his grandfather had given to him. He told her a really beautiful story about how his grandfather always gave him a dollar and handkerchiefs for Christmas (and how he thought it was rather lame, but whatever) and how his dad always took the dollar on the way home (even more lame, geesh). Then when his grandfather passed away, his dad gave him back all the dollars. So now I have Taylor's dollar and this great story. My plan for this journal is to write all of these kind of things down so that she can read them some day, and so that I won't forget them either.


casserole said...

that's a beautiful story about the silver dollar! These kinds of stories create such a sense of connection from one generation to the next.

Beautiful trades!!

Beth said...

Great story.

Awesome trades, too. I've done a few, but I need to get back into it. I've always done well.

Lenox Knits said...

I absolutely LOVE a good trade. I did so many great trades over the holidays that I ended up spending only around $100 on presents this year. My hubbie was thrilled!