Saturday, October 4, 2008


We are up to our necks in birthdays around here!  Thursday was my birthday.  On the great birthday scale, I would rate the day as "eh.".  It had some great moments, like my Dad coming up to visit, Jason and Taylor singing me "Happy Birthday" in the morning, and the most delicious cake ever that I made for myself.  It is my very very very favorite cake... and it looks just like the picture.  (Or, it did before we devoured it!)  There was other stuff that made the day, well, not so stellar, but that's all water under the bridge now.  I went out for a little retail therapy yesterday and that really did make me feel better.  Besides finding a cute pair of jeans that fit On Sale, I found these super ridiculously cute shoes at Target (I heart Target!).
It is also Taylor's very best buddy's birthday tomorrow.  The kid freakin' loves to dress up!  So, I made him his very own super hero cape.  I used the tutorial found on puking pastilles.  I was a little unsure of the how to draw out that shape exactly, so I made one out of paper first.  It's really like making a giant bib that you wear backwards.  I made my own applique from felt and the fabric of the cape is costume nylon that has a satin finish.  I wanted to do satin, but that stuff is so ravel-y and this sucker is going to get put through its paces, I'm sure.  Since you can't use a hot iron on this stuff I just glued the applique to the cape with fabric glue and then stitched it down by hand with embroidery thread for a cool border.
Next stop for today is a bowling party for some kid in Taylor's class.  


Sunny said...

I'm sorry your bday festivities were a bit tarnished but you did end up with a fantastic pair of shoes!

georgia said...

awesome cape! I really should make a PDF of the actual cape pattern. . . one of these days.

casserole said...

That cake looks divine! I'm adding it to my "one day" baking list.

Punkinhead said...

Happy Birthday! My boy's was the 4th, and mine was the 11th... great month. :)

And the cape is AWESOME! I was going to make capes for all of the kids that came to G's party, but then I realized I was somehow thinking I actually had time in my day and laughed at my insanity.