Monday, November 24, 2008

Brighter Days Comin'

Whew... the past 7 days have been rough, and I'm glad to be past them. Exactly a week ago, I broke a tooth that resulted in a root canal, a temporary crown, and one outrageous dental bill.  I tell ya, not having dental insurance really stinks.  The pain from the dental work really wasn't so bad, but the stomach flu that followed was plenty painful enough to make up for it.  yay. I suppose I could say that losing a few pounds and getting caught-up on daytime t.v. would be a silver lining? Maybe? There's certainly no worry of putting on any weight during Thanksgiving... anything sugary, crunch, or chewy is off the menu. damnit.
I did say that brighter days are comin', though, and they are.  The stomach flu seems to have pretty well run its course.  And would you believe that the little one has not gotten it?!  That alone is reason to be thankful. Today I'm playing catch-up with my etsy shop and getting some custom orders taken care of. 

p.s.  Glad you guys like my little box trick.... it's not a fancy tutorial, but that's a darn handy thing to know.


Sunny said...

Eww, sorry to hear about your rough week!

Rat Trap Press said...

You sure have had a rough week. I've never had a root canal but I can't think of anything worse than stomach flu. I hope you feel better.